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We were absolutely blown away by Marika's work. She is truly so talented and so fun to work with. Her excitement for her work made us excited and her photo's definitely made us excited about our brand and the future of our company. I would highly recommend her as a photographer, she is a true artist!

Rick Wheeler, Co-Founder of Lion & Lamb Coffee

Marika is the perfect fit for any beauty, skincare, health, wellness, or friendly brand looking to scale and be relatable on social media and their marketing. She's incredibly professional, thorough, AND quick. Her process for making sure she understands what we wanted as clients and a brand she's working with is perfect for what we needed! We were able to relaunch our brand with all new fresh visuals, and we've already booked her for a new shoot for Q4!

Melanie Kim, Creative Director at Facialworks

Marika has such a beautiful and unique photographic style which works beautifully at our studio! She captures such amazing moments within the class and makes all of our clients feel so at ease! Marika is such a dream and joy to work with and delivers such high quality imagery. She edits and send over pictures so quickly as well! She is so reliable and we love her!

Daniella Boynton, Co-Founder of F45 London Paddington

Marika is a wonderful creative photographer with a great personality. Her wide range of knowledge with angles and lighting really brought my products to life. I would recommend Marika's services to anybody. I hope to work with her again soon.

Bem Robinson, Designer

I can't recommend Marika enough! She brings all of my clients' work to life and takes so much time and care to create the right lighting, aesthetic and even editing style for each client. Not only have we become fast friends since working together, but she's also incredibly professional and knows how to get the {quality} job done.

Allison Norton Rolfes, Founder of ANR Creative Group

At Emergn our vision is Improve the Way People work. Forever. We wanted to bring this vision and brand promise alive in our imagery and communication. Working with Marika was a pleasure from start to finish. She helped us craft a great brief so we were all clear about the goals and objectives, and how we might use the images. She then worked with our clients and some other groups to capture the essence and impact of what we do, and she brought together a great portfolio of images that we can use in our presentations, blog posts, videos and in our marketing collateral.

The end results were excellent!

Philip Black, COO at Emergn Global

Marika will always be the best decision for a client to make in whatever they may be searching for. Not only does Marika have the passion for beautiful people and beautiful things on this earth, she has the heart to genuinely capture raw beauty, brands, and people. She will always be interested in you as a person and she generates a comfortable connection during your time with her. Marika is a wonderful and true light in this world, I 100% recommend Marika Limited. I am and always will be happy and overjoyed to work with her and receive the beautiful pictures she captures during your time with her.

Sarah Merrow

To put it simply, Marika was amazing! Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, but she is also a joy to work with. I had never had my photos taken by a professional before and I was super nervous about the entire event. I wanted to be authentic and not come across as something I’m not in my photos. Marika took the time to get to know and understand me and my photos were exactly what I was looking for. The process was seamless and super fun! I hired a photographer and now I have a friend!

Caitlyn Farrell, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Marika is an extremely sharp creator and problem solver. I've had her take pictures of me and advise my own creative business, and she is highly aware of client needs and how to meet them with tact and generosity. Marika is a great person to work with because she always treats the people she works with in kindness and with initiative. I highly recommend hiring her for marketing, social media, and also non-commercial imagery. She has the knowledge and expertise to bring any business to the next level.

Melanie Kim, Founder of Melanie Kim Photography