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Hi! I'm Marika!


I believe in quality and simplicity. Sunshine, black jumpsuits, and non-toxic skincare are just a few of my favorite things. I love to learn, I always have a notebook and a pen with me, and I drink tea everyday. I am inspired by philosophy, comedy and food and I pursue improvement, innovation, and new cultural experiences. I am fueled by whiskey, fitness, and the Holy Spirit.


I am a photographer, creative director, and visual strategist. For the last 8 years, I have photographed anything and everything. I've been a stylist, a makeup artist, a 'prop source-er', location scouter, and more. And I bring all of my experience and expertise to you to create stunning visual content for your brand.


I work one on one with you in order to get to know your company and goals to then tailor stunning images for your social media and marketing strategies. I strive to understand you and to communicate your vision through beautiful photos. My work is about giving you the visuals you need to take your industry by storm, to help make you a cut above the rest. I will not only be a creative voice to get you going in the right direction, but someone you can count on to be loyal and true to your brand.ā€‹ You should expect nothing but the highest quality from me.


I have served clients internationally, from Los Angeles to London, and I can not wait to serve you also.


Let's connect and push your brand ahead together.